What Is The Cash Flow Potential Of Real Estate Property?

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Like any other investment, when looking at real estate investment, it is mostly about two components i.e. expense and income. When people buy or rent properties, they check the cash flow potential of their possession, which is nothing but tracking of all expenses and income from that property. In simpler words, we can define Cash flow as the amount of profit one earns out of a real estate investment through an active or passive way of income. Lavanya Tirumala is a known name for the top builders in Bhubaneswar. We believe that understanding the key financials of a property allows a buyer to understand what exactly cash flow is.

When we talk about cash flow or say positive cash flow, it is often determined by a simple equation, Cash flow = gross rental income – all expenses and cash reserves. When you buy a house and rent it out as a source of your passive income, the income only turns into profit when your gross income is more than the expenditure. Some major factors that affect your cash flow/ net profits are gross rent, occupancy period, property taxes, insurance, maintenance and property management, and other financial costs.

To avoid negative cash flow make sure that your property doesn’t remain vacant for a long time because a vacant property = a non-cash flowing property. Check for better insurance policies so you don’t end up paying more money. The property should be well maintained so it doesn’t demand regular repairs and maintenance. For positive cash flow, find long-term tenants who will ensure a better and secure stay. Preventive maintenance and increasing rent will help you pay your taxes and still make a little profit from your investment. As one of the top builders in Bhubaneswar, Lavanya offers properties at the best locations of the city that promise a highly positive cash flow potential and exponential growth.

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How to Make a ‘Great Deal’ of Real Estate Property?

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New investors or investors with one or two properties in their pockets will never refrain in admitting the fact that finding a ‘great deal’ in real estate is a tough nut to crack. People often discover a great location but find the property overpriced or it happens that a budget-friendly option located in a distant neighborhood. It’s a very interesting observation that people often buy a property thinking it as of a great deal but actually many investors are still unable to articulate clearly what a good deal is! Lavanya Tirumala, which is one of the frontiers in the real estate business, provides some top-class housing projects in Odisha. From our POV, here is how you can make a great deal of a real estate purchase.

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To crack a good deal one has to understand what makes a purchase great. For instance, in real estate, a good deal is a deal that ticks all the boxes of your criteria and is made at a relatively discounted price to other properties offering similar characteristics in a local market. There are many factors that go into while buying a property but mostly that make or break a deal are the few selective factors such as location, pricing, quality, condition, and growth. These are a few important components of a good property that actually adds value to the customer.

How each factor plays a very vital role is a very detailed topic in itself. But to say in a very short and simple manner, a great property is one that offers a great housing/commercial opportunity in a good location holding proximity to important points of a city, is made of high-quality industrial grade materials that stand the test of time and promises you a bright future with exponential growth. Huh, sounds like one difficult find to make? Well say no more, we have got you covered. Lavanya Tirumala brings you best housing projects in Odisha at affordable prices in major cities like Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Sambalpur. Gated communities, internal roads with all the modern amenities, abundant open space etc.

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Lavanya Tirumala: Affordable Properties Your Every Need

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When it comes to managing money and creating assets, there is certain conditioning in Indian societies that sparks long and pensive discussions among peers. Especially when it comes to buying land or investing in real estate, there is speculation around the gains and losses of the investment but mostly, the gains. When anyone purchases a land there is a lot of thought that goes in before buying because of the huge possibilities a piece of land has to offer. Lavanya Tirumala is one of the top builders in Bhubaneswar city that offers profitable land investments for a variety of usage.

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Every landowner sees investment from a different perspective. Based upon the physical and financial feasibility a piece of land can draw revenue while being the foundation of your dream home or even an investment for the future. All the properties by Lavanya Tirumala are scaled to serve multiple purposes for every need and choice. Plots offered by Lavanya make a safe haven for residential properties/farmhouses, away from the noise and clamor of the city while lands located just on the outskirts make a perfect setting for commercial projects.

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Projects like Lavanya Sambalpur and Lavanya Kantabada are the newest and ongoing plotting schemes that will offer sizable plots to everyone at a decent price. According to the customer’s requirements, Lavanya also offers premium Lavanya Villas designed with contemporary architecture and all the modern fittings. Lavanya’s each and every property promises a high ROI than any other real estate deals and makes a deal of profit and promise. All landowners enjoy exclusive perks of being in the Lavanya family-like safe and litigation free properties, amenities for electricity and water, gated communities and a friendly neighborhood. As one of the top builders in Bhubaneswar, Lavanya Tirumala is bringing highly affordable and sustainable projects to people which will stand the test of time. Follow our blog [here] for the latest updates

Why real estate investment may be a smart thing to do during an economic slowdown?

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If you’re not living under a rock and watch the news then there is a strong possibility that you already know what’s happening in the Indian economy? Yes, the yield curve is not doing quite well and India from being the fastest growing economy in the world has fallen down to the worst of its record times. The GDP is growing at a meager 5 % – the lowest in 6 years, after an alarmingly fall from 8% in its last financial years. While the media is going all gala over debates and figures blaming wings of the national politics, the economy jumps and falls multiple times. The concern that arises here is if there is an economic slowdown on how it’s going to affect us and our money? And if investing in real estate is a bad idea during the current times? Let’s do the math and the myth.

As one of the most trusted brands for real estate Lavanya has grown into a familiar name with a lot of projects in its pockets. To be honest, the economy is certainly not in its best form and dollar is getting stronger but we at Lavanya believe that there is still a silver lining. What if we say buying a house or investing in a plot can one of the smartest things to do during an economic slowdown? Sounds weird? … Let’s find out. Lavanya Tirumala ranks among the top builders in Bhubaneswar who have established themselves at the epicenter of this industry. As the cream of the crop, we know how the industry functions and what its pitfalls are. The word of mouth is affecting businesses and there is wild hysteria about losing money.

While the majority says it’s the worst time for any kind of investment, it’s actually not that bad! The land is such an investment that only promises a higher ROI than any other asset. In the near future if cars or gold go out of fashion people may stop buying them but the land is something every need. The demand for land remains unaffected despite any economic slowdown. It is a limited resource and demand is constantly rising, if you make a small investment on the property at a decent location and price you may be the rowing seed that can yield you millions in the future.

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Well as not everything that glitters is gold, similarly not every land can offer your maximum profits. To know more about worthy deals, real estate investments and best plotting schemes in Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and around Odisha log in to http://www.lavanyafamily.com/ today and invest your money wisely!

How to Know When It’s Time to Stop Renting and Buy a Home

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Buying a home is a gigantic decision and we get it. Every time someone moves out in search of food, clothing, and shelter there are numerous decisions and discussions about these 3 necessities. One such decision is whether to buy a house or just rent in? As the top real estate company in Bhubaneswar, we come across a sizable amount of people who comes to us with the same old question. Lavanya Tirumala offers some of the best in class affordable properties in and around cities of Odisha which make a great of a deal. Also, as an important voice in the real estate market of Odisha, here’s our opinion when it’s time for you to stop renting and buy yourself a home.

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Renting a place may give you the freedom to move whenever and wherever you want, may relieve you of the responsibilities of homeownership but at some point, you just feel it’s time to own your space. There are certain signs that tell you when it’s to stop renting anymore and go looking for a house. One such signs are you’re tired renting price hikes. The average inflation rate of renting price in India is about 3.44% in 2019 and in 2020; it is subjected to hit 4.7%!  While just adding 3% more to it you can avail of an easy home loan for your dream house! Second, comes your credit scores and debt management, if you have got a great credit score and good debit management skills then banks will offer loans and credits instantly at low-interest rates which you can use to invest in land or plots and secure yourself bright future.

The third and most important point is when you have enough to set aside for the extra costs of owning a home. Owning a home is great but it is not everything. You should go for buying a house when you can afford the down payment alongside extra costs or, you can go for investing in affordable properties which won’t cost you a fortune but promise you a deal of worth. Lavanya Tirumala is a top real estate company in Bhubaneswar that brings affordable housing to everyone’s budget.

Affordable Residential Plots at the Heart of Sambalpur

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The Sambalpur city, known for its famous Hirakud Dam and sacred Maa Samaleswari temple is the cultural hub of western Odisha. The city is surrounded by Deogarh District in the East, Bargarh in the West, Jharsuguda and Angul Districts in the North & South which are rich in mineral deposits and natural resources. Odisha’s largest river ‘Mahanadi’ also flows through Sambalpur which attracts a lot of important industries and commerce. The balanced climate, diverse topography and rich culture in the district make Sambalpur one of the best cities in Odisha to live in. When someone decides to invest in land that is reasonable, he/she invariably searches for land that shows promise of exponential growth. People struggle through a lot of things to finally settle for a compromise of a deal that hardly adds any value, but that won’t be a case anymore. Lavanya Tirumala exclusively brings affordable plotting schemes in Sambalpur which will take you one step closer to your dream house.

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Located next to the Sambalpur-Cuttack highway, Lavanya Sambalpur sprawls across 10 acres of unencumbered land which will offer a safe haven for residences/farmhouses. The land enjoys a clean title under the stewardship of The Sambalpur Town House Building Cooperative Society Ltd (affiliated to Orissa Co-operative Housing Corporation-OCHC). The futuristic location is situated just 1.5 km away from the Maneswar square which is one of the liveliest points of the city.

Lavanya Sambalpur sits on a very futuristic location which has shown excellent growth in the last few years with a number of residential, educational and commercial projects coming up nearby. It is one of the best plotting schemes in Sambalpur that is in proximity to the railway station, national highway, reputed colleges, and daily market. Lavanya Sambalpur will offer affordable, developed plots with secure concrete boundaries, superior drainage facilities and well-paved concrete internal roads. So Hurry up! Book a space for your dream house in your own city!

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Automation & Self Sustaining Homes – #Trends of Real Estate in 2019

2019 has been a roller coaster ride for the real estate market with increasing demands, a change in trends and economic slowdowns. However, even with few rough patches, the real estate market is evolving at a rapid pace in India, especially in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. The growth in these cities is fuelled by the rapid urbanization and extensive influx of IT companies. Beating all the odds, Bhubaneswar – the city of temples known for its rich culture and heritage is now emerging as the most important hub for realty investment. Many prestigious real estate developers have started constructing luxurious residential and commercial projects in Bhubaneswar to cater the growing demands. As a frontier in real estate business in Odisha, Lavanya Tirumala is coming up with many new exciting projects which will not only meet the expectations of the current generation but also keep up with the recent trends!

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Technology has been one of the key drivers to evolution for this decade. Automated & Self-sustaining homes became quite a trend this year as millennials look forward to homes and offices that are technologically connected, high end and offer a sustainable living environment. Keeping in focus the shift in modern choices and demands, Lavanya is redesigning the modern city scape with its highly equipped sustainable projects in Bhubaneswar.

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Lavanya Tirumala offers premium residential and commercial projects in Bhubaneswar, at reasonable prices for every budget and need. Properties brought to you by the Lavanya family are designed aesthetically to be a perfect fit for every home-owner. Commercial properties offered by us follow agile methodologies to invoke more productivity and creativity in workspaces leaving a lasting impact. Keeping in mind the concept of automation, our properties allow you to infuse smart technologies with your everyday life. Voice control lightnings, automatic room temperature control, smart surveillance etc. can be equipped in the homes provided by us. Lavanya family is racing towards the ultimate goal of providing affordable housing to everyone, fulfilling every homeowner’s dream, one at a time. For more details contact us here.

How a Piece Of Land Adds Value to Your Life?

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Rule one. You must know the difference between an asset and a liability, and buy assets. An asset is something that puts money in your pocket. A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket” – says Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.  One of the greatest books ever written, Rich Dad Poor Dad sails through the importance of financial literacy and investing in assets. In his books he also mentions how invests in real Estate even on a very small scale can bring steady cash flow and wealth. Lavanya Tirumala has been a pioneer in bringing some of the best residential projects in Bhubaneswar which are nothing less of an investment for a lifetime. These properties though have a value of their own, but they bring a lot to the table when compared with other assets.

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Owning a house or buying land is considered to be one of the most important steps toward financial freedom. It is one wise investment that seldom fails and brings a lot of value. When you buy a piece of land it not only comes with a promise of future growth but also adds to your individual worth. Property ownership strengthens your finances and improves your credit score. Real estate assets don’t suffer from value depreciation like cars or stocks which make it one of the safest investments ever

Continuing our streak of delivering the best residential projects in Bhubaneswar we are bringing many more such properties and plotting schemes which will make great investment options for everyone. And by everyone, we mean affordable and scalable properties at prime locations with no hidden costs. We want to bring projects in and around Odisha which will serve as a great option for investment and will lay foundations to many dream homes. So make no delays and start your booking process with us today! Reach us at enquiry@lavanyafamily.com or give us a call at 9778400400.

Just Launched: The newest additions to Lavanya Kantabada

Lavanya Tirumala, continuing its streak of delivering the best real estate projects across the state has just announced the newest additions to its highly demanded property in Bhubaneswar – Lavanya Kantabada.  Under the stewardship of Bhubaneswar Sub Divisional House Building Co-operative Society Ltd, Lavanya family brings you affordable developed plots with secure external concrete boundaries and superior drainage facilities at the prime location of Bhubaneswar.

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Situated near the Chandaka highway, amongst the lush green suburbs of the city, the newly added phase of Lavanya Kantabada promises the same amenities as of its previous phases but with better proximity. The project spans across 24 acres of litigation free lands approved by the OCHC with interconnected roads, gated communities, avenue plantations, electrical amenities and much more.

While the construction is under full swing, the booking process has been already opened offering plots with different sizes and dimensions. Lavanya Tirumala delivering the best real estate projects in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. In other news, the new phase of Lavanya Kantabada also brings a lot of new features and extra perks with it exclusively. The project is developed with high-quality industrial-grade raw materials and recyclable waste. Apart from its secure enclosure and surveillance, surface water treatment facilities and street lighting have been included too. Being a Lavanya project, the project offers all the landowners access to the exclusive Lavanya community where you can meet fellow land buyers and network. Lavanya has also planned to establish an aesthetically designed restaurant on the campus that will serve multiple cuisines along with a beautifully landscaped garden including a children’s play area. The project will also come up with a 5-layered synthetic tennis-cum-basketball court and many utility shops for the convenience of the landowners. Lavanya Kantabada is truly an investment for a lifetime that will get you one step closer to building your dream house. So what are you waiting for? Start booking yours today just by clicking here. For more info visit our website – http://www.lavanyafamily.com/ or call us at 9778400400.

The 5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Land for Your Farmhouse

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Away from the clamor, lately people have started to invest more on land in the suburbs or outskirts of the city to secure a space for farmlands or say farmhouses.  A farmhouse is a residential property that serves multiple purposes mostly in agriculture or pisciculture settings surrounded by a farm or well-landscaped garden. Farmhouses are usually spread across a large chunk of land at a distance from the hustle-bustle of the city which often serves as a second home or weekend gateways. In Bhubaneswar, due to extensively growing demand for housing, finding land for farmhouses now a tedious task. Almost every other land in and around the city is mapped for massive commercial and residential projects leaving a little room for any other possibilities. However, unlike other real estate companies in Bhubaneswar, Lavanya Tirumala is a making way for picturesque and profitable farmhouses with abundant open spaces. Here are the 5 important things we want you to consider before buying land for a farmhouse:

  1. Location: Choosing a great location for farm housing is quite different from typical residential or commercial projects. Farmhouses are usually located away from din and noise of the cities to sustain an ecosystem suitable for farming, fishing, gardening etc. So pick up a location that offers you more open spaces and viable land in the outskirts to get started with your investment.
  2. 2. Resources: The availability of resources is one of the crucial factors that you should definitely check before buying a land. Amenities for water, electricity, and proximity to natural resources etc. are important for a perfect farmhouse setting. All the properties by Lavanya Tirumala come with gated communities, water supply, and electricity connections to ensure a hassle-free possession.

3. Connectivity: Connectivity to land is the utmost importance when you’re setting up for small businesses or even a recreational home. Watch out for proximity to important points, wider roads for an easy commute, etc. to ensure a smooth experience.

4. Price: When it comes to paying for the property, people often get conned into overpaying for land in the name of a great investment. Always reach out to established and trusted builders who can offer you affordable plots with a much better price at prime locations.

5. Authority: While buying a land do not forget to check for any false acquisition or dispute over the land to ensure a safe purchase. Always check for authority and avoid buying land with litigation. Lavanya Tirumala is one of the best real estate companies in the Bhubaneswar that provides litigation free lands at best prices and all its properties are recognized by the Orissa Co-operative Housing Corporation Ltd.